Look, sometimes we write things here on Android Police because Artem wants us to write them. And when Artem demands asks for something, you oblige because you fear respect him. That's the case with this deal. We tried to surreptitiously mark the post as done in our internal to-do list, but he kept re-opening it. So here we are, it had to be done and I decided to take the bullet. Bear with me as I try to make this seem interesting and fun.

The Kenu Airframe+ is a car air vent mount. It's a big mount that expands to 8.6cm to accommodate larger phones. It works on all air vent models. It's well built too. And it can be used as a stand if you slot a credit card in the back clip, but who would keep a car vent mount in their pocket for such occasions?! Oh and that thing normally costs $29.95 and very rarely dips below that according to CCC. Holy expensive shit. Now it's "only" $19.99.

I know what you're thinking: air vent mounts are a couple of bucks usually. But they're often flimsy and they're not Artem-approved. He tells me it's worked super well for him over the past years - it launched in 2014 and that's a long time to test a product. It's also a long time to go without #artemsluck destroying it into billions of pieces. Must be built like a tank.

So now you can be like Artem and have a Kenu Airframe+ mount in your car for the discounted price of $19.99. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, Amazon won't badge these with "Artem-approved," but you'll know it in your heart.