The Google app and its feed, formerly Google Now, have been through a plethora of changes recently, and they could be about to see another redesign alongside the launch of the new Pixel phones. The whole interface looks like it's going to be tweaked, with more rounded corners on cards and new menu navigation.


Thanks to 9to5Google, we can see what to expect from the new Google app UI, which continues Google's new-found love affair with the bottom navigation bars. I for one am glad to see it, especially as phones get bigger and taller, it's good to have things down low and easy to reach. I would say that 6 items is perhaps a bit too many, but what do I know. It will appease many people who haven't been happy with reaching up to the top right for the Upcoming button, although I personally would still prefer my timely reminders in the main feed.

The Assistant button simply launches the assistant, which may be overkill if you can squeeze the sides of the phone or long-press the home button. Google really wants you to use the Assistant, understandably. The search button also seems superfluous given the large search bar at the top of the feed, but again it seems about ergonomics and not having to reach up for it. Oddly, a dedicated Google Lens button is in place, but only in the search bar, not in the bottom nav. We'll have to wait and see how it all works, and whether or not we'll get this straight away on 1st gen Pixel devices.


There's not long to wait now, as Google's live event for the new Pixels (and more) is staring at 9am PDT. We'll hopefully learn more about this and other software, as well as the new hardware offerings.