At its San Francisco event today, Google unveiled a bunch of new products, including the Home Mini. At just $49, the Mini is sure to have enticed a lot of you to finally check out Google's Home ecosystem, but you might be wondering where to get one aside from the Google Store. Don't worry; here's a list of all the retailers we've found that are selling Google's new tech-filled hockey puck.

Without further ado, here's the list:

The Google Store is the only retailer that appears to be selling the Home Mini in the eye-grabbing coral color, so if you just have to have a reddish hue on your very own Mini, you know where to look. Additionally, Walmart is giving out $25 coupons with the purchase of a Home Mini, which is obviously a pretty enticing offer given the Home Mini's already-low $49 price tag.

Let us know if you spot any more retailers where the Home Mini is sold, and we'll update the post accordingly.