When an app reaches 100 million downloads, it's usually very easy to see why. Often it's an app whose popularity is clear, but sometimes it's a little harder to see why. That might be the case with the Google Indic Keyboard. At first glance, it's understandable as Indic languages cover numerous countries in the Indian subcontinent, the population of which is massive. What's surprising about it is that Gboard has surpassed the Indic Keyboard in every way, and yet people are still going for an option with fewer features.

Back in April, Google added Indic languages to Gboard, and not just the 11 that were already present in the Indic Keyboard, but 22 in total, including Urdu and Maithili. It's clear from the blog post that Google wants users to head over to Gboard and leave the old keyboard behind, as it outlines the other upgrades such as Google Search and Translate built-in. The Indic Keyboard hasn't seen an update since April, either, making clear Google's intention to shift its focus to Gboard.

And yet, Indic Keyboard continues to be popular. Reaching 100 million downloads is no mean feat, so congratulations. It's probably helped by the fact that some phones released in the region come with the Indic Keyboard pre-installed, and also the fact that people simply like what they're used to. It'll be interesting to see if Google continues to support it or instead tries to force users onto Gboard to simplify matters.

Incidentally, if anyone uses the Indic Keyboard over Gboard, let us know why in the comments.

Google Indic Keyboard
Google Indic Keyboard
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