With these two new Pixels announced, it would appear that we need a new Daydream View to go with them. It's the same Daydream View we've known and loved for the last year — with the same name, even — but including a small number of improvements. The all-new Daydream View has better lenses, new materials, and three new colors. And, it's even got a new (higher) price. The new headset will set you back a slightly-increased $99.


It's compatible with the Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel/XL, Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 8, ZenFone AR, Axon 7, Mate 9 Pro, and Moto Z/Z2. And with its new 'high-performance' lenses that can provide a wider but decidedly un-quantified FoV, your sense of immersion in VR or AR experiences should be that much better.

Materials have also changed. It looks like the new headsets are made from a different type of fabric, and the plastic components, which were previously all the same shade of gray, are now in a similar color as the accompanying textile. It's available in Fog (gray), Charcoal (dark gray), and Coral (pinkish), and it'll run you $99 if you want to grab one. It even comes with a bundle of games worth around $40 until the end of the year, if that helps to sweeten the VR-augmented pot.

In conjunction with this, Google has also announced a handful of titles that work with the headset via Daydream. These include Austin City Limits, The Confessional, Discovery TRVLR, and some IMAX films via Google Play Movies.