Today was Google's big hardware event, and we saw a ton of new things. There are new phones, new Google Homes, and even a new Chromebook. You can relive it all right now. In addition to the live streamed event, Google posted a number of ads and product demos. Here they all are, organized by product.

The Event

First, here's the full event stream and a highlights reel put together by Google. If you couldn't watch live, this should be your first stop.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Google's new flagship phones are available for pre-order now. The leaks were pretty dead-on this year, so there are no big surprises here. There are a few commercials for the new Pixel, as well as tutorials and feature demos. Some of them are pretty terrible.

Google Pixelbook

Google pioneered the expensive Chromebook product category and continues to be the only company operating in it. Hmm, I wonder why? No matter, the Pixelbook is a thing now, and you can see what it offers below. There are a lot of guides here, just like the Pixel 2.

Google Home Mini and Max

Now there are three different Google Home devices. We already had the standard Google Home, but today Google announced the Mini and Max as well. Here are some videos—a few of them are super-short.

Google Clips and Daydream View

These products only have a single video each, so they get lumped together. Enjoy.


And that wraps it up. The final product video includes a cameo by the Pixel Buds, which didn't get their own video.