We've been hearing about the Google Home Mini for a couple of months now: first we revealed Google's plans to make a smaller Home then Droid-Life leaked the Mini's design and price. Now we have one more confirmation of the Mini's existence and look.

Raymond Durk, who lives two blocks away from the Google campus, spotted a new Google Home Mini ready to be set up in his Google Home app. This happens when you've bought a new Home / Chromecast device and connected it to power, but haven't introduced it to your WiFi network just yet. It seems that a Google employee lives near Raymond and has a Mini to try but hasn't finished its setup just yet.

Hey, Google employee, if you're too busy to get the Mini set up, I'm sure you can send it to anyone of us here and we'll be glad to test it out for you!

The Home Mini is expected to be announced tomorrow along with the new Pixel 2 phones, and to retail for $49 when it comes to market.

According to Droid Life, The Google Home Mini briefly showed up for pre-order on Walmart.com for $49 with an expected shipping date of October 19.

Here are some more pics, including one with the Pixel 2.