Every few weeks, HTC does a big sale on its devices and now's the time for another one. HTC is celebrating 10:08, the default time on its devices' press images by discounting some of its phones and giving away some free gear. The offers last until October 8, or 10/08.

Let's start with the phone discounts. HTC's newest flagship the U11 is dropping $100, while the older U Ultra is losing $300 and the Sprint/Boost-exclusive Bolt is losing $200 off its MSRP. I'll detail the discounts below so you can quickly browse through the ones that are interesting to you.

  • HTC U11 64GB (carriers and unlocked): $649 -> $549 (current Amazon price $649 - lowest we've seen $599)
  • HTC U11 128GB (unlocked): $729 -> $629 (current Amazon price $729 - lowest we've seen $679)
  • HTC U Ultra (unlocked): $749 -> $449 (current Amazon price $477 to $499 - lowest we've seen $499)
  • HTC Bolt (Sprint/Boost): $600 -> $400.

HTC is also doing a sweepstakes giveaway for unknown products. All you have to do is enter to win, you don't have to purchase anything. From the image, it looks like you could win a VIVE VR or an HTC U11. Check the giveaway and the deals at the source link below.