Yesterday I reviewed some of Xtorm's USB-C products and came away pleased but not convinced by the prices. It then occurred to me that a little discount could go a long way in making these prices palatable so I reached out to Xtorm and got y'all a 20% coupon code discount. If you were interested in grabbing something from the company, this makes the products more competitive against other brands.

Xtorm makes EU-compatible (EU plug, 220V) hubs, chargers, and cables. The most interesting to me was the Vigor power hub since it marries one USB-C port, one USB QC 3.0 port, 4 regular 2.4A USB ports, and a Qi wireless charging pad on top. It doesn't support USB-PD and the wireless charger is only 1A, but it's super convenient to have on a nightstand or desk when you want to avoid messes, have devices that charge differently, and don't need the fastest charging technologies. With the 20% discount, it goes down to a very reasonable €55.2.

If you want to benefit from the discount, use code XT-112AP during checkout to see the price slashed by 20% on most of Xtorm's USB-C products (the XB202L battery doesn't seem to be discounted). I verified that the discount works on these products:

The cables are still expensive in my opinion compared to the competition, but the Vigor hub and the wall and car charger are more realistically priced with this discount. The coupon code will be valid all of October so you have time to make up your mind before buying. Also worth noting is that Xtorm offers free shipping on orders above €50.