Allo has now existed for more than a year, and there are some people who use it. Not many, by all accounts, but some! Those brave few will today be treated to a more widely available web client. When Allo for the web was launched in August, it only worked in Chrome. Today, support expands to Opera, Firefox, and iOS (sort of).

If you're using Opera or Firefox, just head over to the Allo web landing page, and you will get a QR code to scan with your phone. The two clients connect, and bam, Allo messaging in your browser. The iOS support is somewhat mysterious. Opening the Allo web page in Safari and Chrome now pulls up a screen asking you to visit the web landing page on a PC, which offers up a QR code. Scan that via the button on the page, and it'll connect to Allo on the iOS device (we think).

Now, if only you had someone to message. Well, there's always Google Assistant. It's programmed to be your friend. And no, Allo still doesn't have SMS.