As you all know, the Galaxy Note8 is not a cheap phone. $900+ is a sizable chunk of cash for anyone, and it would really suck to damage such a pricey device in a fall because you are using a cheap, crappy case, or - gasp - going naked. Note 8 buyers, don't let this happen to you; get yourself a great case from Zizo. They've got four excellent options to choose from in the BOLT, ION, ATOM, and STATIC. Three of them even come with a tempered glass screen protector designed to fit perfectly with the case. To top it off, they're all very affordable.

BOLT in orange/black.

All four of Zizo's cases come with unique designs that stand out from the masses of bland cases found on Amazon. Good looks are only half the story with case design, though; they also need to protect your device. Zizo's cases will give you peace of mind when you drop your phone (which, let's be honest, you probably do like 3-5 times a week). They've got options for every need, from minimalist bumpers to full on armored shells. Let's check them out.


Each case offers unique advantages of its own. BOLT is the bruiser of the bunch – it meets 12 ft. military grade 810.1-G compliance, which means it can take a beating while still keeping your phone safe inside. It's also equipped with a kickstand, a detachable 360 degree holster, and a lanyard loop (but sorry, no kitchen sink). BOLT is offered in 10 different color combinations, so there's gotta be one that you like. All this, along with the free glass screen protector, is a modest $17.99 with free shipping on Amazon. That's an incredible price for a case that offers this level of protection. The Otterbox Defender is $45 more and doesn't include a free glass screen protector (it's a $38.50 add on). It doesn't hurt that the BOLT also has a 4.3 star rating, compared to the Defender's 3.5.


ION sports a minimalist look with its protective bumper and transparent window, giving ample corner protection via air cushion technology while simultaneously showing off the Note8's sexy backside (oooh yeah). It's offered in six colors, and goes for $13.99 with free shipping. It also includes a free glass screen protector - bonus!


ATOM is one sexy, minimalist case, thanks to its lightweight aluminum bumper and tempered glass rear window. Those are the same materials used to construct the Note 8, meaning this will feel a lot like the bare phone when you hold it, albeit slightly larger. Like the previous cases, it includes a tempered glass screen protector to complete your glass and aluminum Note 8 sandwich-of-protection. With a unique locking system, the case is easy to install and fits like a glove (if gloves were made of glass and aluminum). You've got six colors to choose from, all selling for $21.99 shipped to your door.



And lastly, STATIC's slim body brings futuristic looks on a budget. It's got an intriguing design blending TPU and polycarbonate for excellent protection in a slim package along with a kickstand for just $10.99. Don't like the red? No worries, you've got six other colors to chose from as well.

Zizo's full case lineup can be found on Amazon. Given each case's feature set, as well as the free glass screen protectors you'll find bundled in with three of them, the prices are very competitive. Plus, each comes with free shipping, sweetening the deal even more. BOLT, ION, ATOM, and STATIC will surely electrify you (sorry, we couldn't resist) with their sharp looks and premium materials. With this solid lineup, it's no wonder that Zizo's family-owned business is one of the fastest growing sellers on Amazon. Check them out for yourself today.

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