Wink is a well-known name when it comes to the smart home space, and in a blog post today the company announced support for a bunch of new products. It supports five new lighting solutions, seven new security products/sensors, and three motorized window solutions (fancy words for automated window blinds). Connecting all your smart home devices into one seamless solution has never been easier. 

The full list of newly supported devices is just below.

The addition of so many new SmartThings sensors is sure to come in handy for anyone that might be looking to move away from the SmartThings platform without buying all-new hardware. And the reverse is also true. Now anyone that buys SmartThings sensors can easily migrate to the full SmartThings ecosystem down the line if they like.

The expanded selection for motorized windows is also nice to see, as it doubles the number of systems it works with.

Remember, you'll still need a Wink hub to make use of these new devices via the Wink platform. At $69-99 they're quite affordable, though.