Sleep as Android is a hugely popular app in the Play Store with more than 10 million downloads. The app uses sensors in your phone or certain wearables to analyze your sleep, but the team behind Sleep as Android is now looking to make a dedicated piece of tracking hardware, and it's a bit unusual. The Sleep Phaser on Indigogo is a bedside sensor that tracks your sleep without any direct contact.

It's always good to be wary of crowdfunded hardware, especially campaigns on Indigogo. That said, Sleep as Android developers Urbandroid have been around since 2010 making cool things for Android. If you're willing to trust this project, the team promises a small bedside gadget that looks like a lamp. However, it's actually an infrared sensor (well, it's a lamp too). Turn off the light, and it connects to Sleep as Android on your phone to track your sleep automatically.

The Sleep Phaser (except the plastic shell) will be manufactured entirely in the Czech Republic, where Urbandroid is based. The team says it has already developed the hardware and algorithms to make the Sleep Phaser work, so the delivery timeline is relatively short for a crowdfunding campaign. The first rewards will be delivered around December of this year, with some tiers as late as March 2018. The early bird tier is still available as of now with a $79 buy-in. After that is gone, it's $89.