Another month, another update to the Google Developer dashboards. This time there's something new in the Android version stats, although it's a very, very small something. After the unsurprising no-show last month, Android 8.0 Oreo has made its first appearance this time with a grand total of 0.2% device share.

Here's a breakdown of this month's changes.

Despite the presence of Oreo, Android 7.0 and 7.1 still showed a respectable increase of 2% this month. That puts Nougat as a whole at 17.8%... after a full year. Google didn't update the dashboard last October, but the value for Marshmallow would have been somewhere around 21-22%. Nougat's uptake just hasn't been very impressive.

Oreo is a chance for OEMs and Google to be a little more proactive. Nougat popped up last year in November at 0.3%. If Oreo can surpass that mark in next month's stats, we'll be off to a good start. Going forward, support for Treble will hopefully mean faster updates to Android P and later.

The older versions on the chart haven't moved appreciably this month—both Gingerbread and ICS are flat, and Jelly Bean is only down a few tenths. It'll take a while for these apparently indestructible phones to go away.