The Google Help account uploaded three new videos a few days back, detailing exactly how to use the Google Assistant on devices like Bose's recently released QuietComfort 35 II. If you've been wondering how, exactly, the Google Assistant works in that type of environment, it actually looks reasonably intuitive. And either way, the videos are pretty short and worth a watch. 

If you haven't already heard, Google's been interested in integrating its AI-powered Assistant into headphones. There have been a few different leaks on the subject over recent months, and recently Bose released what is, presumably, the first pair of headphones in the Bisto family. Who knows? We might hear more about other models of headphones at the upcoming event this Wednesday.

If you're interested in the short version, Google has obliged. One of the videos just shows a few different examples of how the assistant can be used. The other two are a bit more topically focused on the precise operation of the Google Assistant and notification systems.

There you have it. Now you're prepared to use the Google Assistant on a pair of headphones. Your diploma should be in the mail.

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