DJI is best known for producing some of the best drones on the market, but the company does other cool things too. Among those are its Ronin gimbals, which range in price from $1000 for the Ronin-M all the way to a whopping $9000 for the full Ronin 2 combo. Now, DJI has released a companion app for the Ronin series on the Play Store.

The Ronin app can control a lot of things on your gimbal. For the motor alone, you can control stiffness, strength, outfilter, and control. There's even a "More" tab that has more capabilities hidden within. You can also adjust SmoothTrack, DJI's system of algorithms that "ensure[s] movements are smooth in every configuration."

It doesn't stop there; you can also view graphs regarding your motor, IMU, ATTI, and GPS. Plus, for video, you can control the gimbal's pan, tilt, roll, initiate a recording, and more. And let's not forget about the always-there temperature and battery indicators.

The DJI Ronin app even supports the Ronin 2 (the top-of-the-line model). You can grab the DJI Ronin app on the Play Store, or from APK Mirror if you can't get it from Google for whatever reason.

DJI Ronin
DJI Ronin
Price: Free