The LG V30 is coming to all carriers in the next couple weeks, but only one US carrier will have the V30+. Sprint has announced that it's got the exclusive on this phone at launch, and it's offering a limited buy-on-get-one deal on the phone to celebrate. You can get two of them for as little as $38 per month when the phone hits stores on October 13th.

The V30+ is similar to its sibling in most respects, but it includes 128GB of internal storage in addition to the microSD card slot. You also get better "QuadPlay Earbuds" in the box, and the phone itself has a Hi-Fi Quad DAC. That's also in the regular V30, but Sprint is still stressing the point.

The carrier is offering the V30+ for $38 per month on Sprint Flex, which is a lease program. At the end of the lease, you have to give the phone back or buy it. However, new and upgrading customers can get a second V30+ lease for free on another line. So, that's two phones for $38 per month. Yeah, it's a lease, but that's not bad.