Ordering food at work or with friends can be a bit of a nightmare. Everyone wants something different, and coordinating everyone can take ages. Thankfully DoorDash has added its group ordering features to the Android app. So the next time your workplace considers delivery or you and your friends have to put together an order for the big game, it'll be a tiny bit easier to coordinate. 

The feature was already present on the DoorDash site, so it isn't new, but its appearance on the app is. Using it is quite easy. Just select a restaurant in the app, and tap the group icon in the top right. It looks like a pair of stacked upper-body outlines with a plus sign. You can even set a price limit per person if required. After the order has been placed, everyone involved with it can track it, too.

Delivery food might not be the sort of thing you can do every day, but at least now it's a bit easier to coordinate with others when you do it through DoorDash. This latest update is already live on Google Play, too. Who knows, I might have to order out some Indian or Thai tonight to celebrate. It's for work, obviously.

DoorDash - Food Delivery
DoorDash - Food Delivery
Developer: DoorDash
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