Amazon has been busy announcing its latest hardware lineup this week, including a range of brand new Echo devices and a 4K Fire TV dongle. You may think you'd have to wait a while to see any of the new products discounted, but it's already the case for the new Fire TV. The high-definition TV dongle can be bought with either the HD Antenna or an Echo Dot with a healthy saving, and there's also a deal involving the original Fire TV Stick.

With the introduction of the new smaller Echo and the alarm clocked-sized Echo Spot, the older Echo Dot is perhaps a slightly harder sell, despite still being the cheapest in the lineup. That may explain why Amazon is offering it as part of these bundle deals. Here's exactly what you can get:

These are pretty good, especially if you are already thinking of getting any of the products available. For example, if you had already planned to buy a 4K Fire TV dongle, which is $69.99 on its own, it makes total sense to buy an Echo Dot with it for just an extra 10 dollars. You can always sell it if you don't need it.

The new 4K Fire TV will be released on October 25th, but there's no telling how long these pre-order deals will be available, so I'd get in quick if you don't want to miss out.