I'm the sort of person that gets excited for Monday. Not because of work, but because it's when I get my next Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. I may have a Play Music account, but Spotify's recommendations are on an entirely different level. And in a blog post today, Spotify announced yet another personalized playlist. It's called Your Time Capsule, and the songs in it are based on music from your teens and early twenties. You can see your own version of this playlist by scanning a code with the app (included above and below in the article) or by following this link. 


Spotify claims this new feature is available for all users "in 60 Spotify markets," and I'm not entirely sure what that means or if any markets aren't yet seeing it. Just in case you don't see the new playlist in your account, we've included our own so you can get an idea of what it's like.

The new playlist in the web client

This is hot on the heels of the service's recent success with the Summer Rewind playlist, and it's very similar. This new playlist is supposed to target "your teens and early twenties." In my experience, it's accurate in a general sort of way, but it's pulling in quite a lot of music I didn't discover until later. In that way, it's almost an idealized and improved version of the sort of taste I had. A lot of the more terrible stuff I used to listen to is missing.

Your Time Capsule in the Decades section of Browse

The new playlist is supposed to live in both the top of the Home section and in the Decades section of Browse, but it's been appearing inconsistently for me. I assume any problems with finding it should be ironed out soon. It did only come out today, after all.

Now I have yet another playlist to enjoy until next Monday's Discover Weekly. The one for this week was fantastic.