At the launch of the second-generation NVIDIA SHIELD, we heard about several accessory devices that would work with the main hardware, but they haven't all come to fruition. Remember the NVIDIA Spot? That's still MIA, but the promised Samsung SmartThings Link has popped up on Amazon for pre-order.

You can go and buy a Samsung SmartThings hub right now, but it's about $80 and rather large. If you've already got an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV sitting on the shelf, you can just get the $40 USB dongle version of SmartThings and plug it into the SHIELD. In case you forgot, that console does have a full-sized USB port.

With the SmartThings Link plugged in, your SHIELD works like a standard SmartThings hub to control lights, smart locks, cameras, and all the other sensors and gadgets that connect to SmartThings. Does this excite you? Well, cool it. The SmartThings Link is only available for pre-order at the moment, and Amazon estimates 1-2 months for it to ship.


The SmartThings Link is also available on Samsung's site, and it's cheap right now. The SHIELD dongle is only $15 if you pre-order. There are also discounted bundles with smart lights or smart lights and a motion sensor.