A few days ago, Google Keep 3.4.901 rolled out and the only change we spotted were 4 new colors for notes. However, the official changelog was released yesterday and it contained another interesting tidbit: auto-numbered lists in text notes.

When it works, the feature does what's intended. You type "1. something" and when you hit Enter, the "2. " is automatically generated, and so on. If you go back to delete some characters, you'll notice that two backspaces are required after the period, presumably to prevent you from messing with the numbering of the list. Here's a video of it in action:


* Added four new note color options
* Create auto-numbered lists in text notes
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Notice how I said, "when it works," because try as we might, neither Ryan nor Cody nor I could get it to work. Keep force closes each time we try to hit Enter after the first "1. " The only person for whom it worked and the one who provided us with the video is... (and you might laugh here) Artem.

Artem 1 - ∞ #artemsluck

This is what we get each time we try to trigger the numbering.

If you want to try it for yourself, make sure you're on the latest Google Keep 3.4.901.05, which you can grab from the widget below or APK Mirror. As far as I can tell, this isn't live on the web version of Keep yet, so you'll only be able to use it on your phone.

There's a new bumped version of Keep, 3.4.901.06, that fixes the constant crashing when trying to generate numbered lists. We've installed it on our devices and verified that the numbering works now. You can grab it from the Play Store or from APK Mirror.

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