Although the domain name was registered on September 15, 1997 and it technically celebrated its 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago, Google likes to celebrate its birthday closer to when the company officially launched. And for the past years, it's sort of chosen September 27 as its birthday. You may notice that today is actually September 28, but we were overwhelmed with plenty of news yesterday and had to miss the birthday party. I'm sure Google doesn't mind. After all, it's old enough now to go celebrate with its buddies and leave us all alone with its freshly baked favorite cake and memories of when it was young and would beg us to help it blow the candles.

As part of the festivities, Google has a birthday spinner with 18 of its past surprises and doodles like the Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe games, the 2015 Beethoven music puzzle, the 44th anniversary of HipHop mixing table, and more. There's also one new bonus game: Snake.

It all makes sense now: Google's plan for world domination is to kill the productivity of every working adult so that no other company can ever compete with it. I see what yo... WAIT A MINUTE, YOU SAID SNAKE?! SNAKE IS BACK? SO I CAN PLAY SNAKE WITH A SIMPLE SEARCH OF THE WORD "SNAKE" IN GOOGLE?

I'm sorry folks, attention defici