Looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds on the cheap? Samsung's got just the thing for you: it's selling the first-generation Gear IconX for only $49.99 - a whopping $150 off its MSRP. But given the ridiculously low price, you'll probably have to hurry.

The Gear IconX was Samsung's first attempt at true wireless earbuds. It excelled in most departments, but fell down in one major arena: battery life. That means that you'll get good sound and a good fit, but for only about 1.5 hours over Bluetooth. For comparison, the newer second-generation Gear IconX 2018 lasts a full five hours. However, you can get up to 3.5 hours if you use the IconX's 4GB of local storage instead. There is a charging case that can charge the set twice, so it's not too bad as long as you're not on something like a flight.

Want a set? I'd hurry. All three colors (black, white, blue) currently seem to be available, although Samsung's site is a little confused right now. Corbin was able to order a blue set, but I was forced to get white since the site kept throwing me an error when I attempted to check out with the blue ones. (Update: Blue seems to be out of stock.) Two-day shipping is free, although handling might take a while.