Woot sells some junky stuff on occasion, but it also offers some really excellent deals just as often. Today is the latter; Woot has the Pixel and Pixel XL (both refurbs) on sale for very competitive prices. The Pixel starts at $349.99 and the XL starts at $399.99. You even have the option of stepping up to the 128GB version.

These Pixels are the Verizon variant, but they're unlocked and will work on other networks just fine. The only real difference is you can't unlock the bootloader via the official tools. Woot says the phones are guaranteed to be fully functional with no damage to the display. There may be some signs of wear on the housing, though.

You can get either the Pixel or Pixel XL at the aforementioned prices with 32GB of storage. If you want the 128GB upgrade, that's only $50 more. Color options are solid as well—you can even get the Really Blue Pixel XL. As with all Woot deals, this one is only good for the rest of the day or until supplies run out.