Radiation City is the latest release from Atypical Games and the follow-up to their popular Radiation Island open-world survival game. Just like the original, you can expect a deep survival experience akin to what you would expect from a console or PC game in the genre, all in a convenient mobile package. It is currently in an open-beta, and you can pick it up today for the sale price of $0.99 since it's still under development.

Anyone familiar with the first title in the series should know exactly what to expect out of Radiation City. For the unfamiliar, it is a gorgeous looking open-world zombie survival game similar in style to the many PC and console titles filling the trendy survival genre. As you find yourself crash-landed in a large zombie-filled city, it is your job to endure your new environment by hunting down and collecting all of the items necessary for your ongoing survival, all the while fighting off any zombies that come your way.

Now, anyone familiar with the genre will know all too well that the games Radiation City pulls its inspiration from often have poor item management, poor combat controls (especially melee combat), and a few bugs here and there. Radiation City is no different in this regard. But once you consider that this is still a beta release, there is some hope that the majority of these issues will be addressed, though there is no guarantee.


Of course, once you take into account that the beta is being sold at a discounted price, it makes any issue you may find in your purchase a little more palatable. While I fully understand that many of you find the sale of a beta product an iffy investment, those of you who don't mind the risk can jump right into the zombie-filled action today in order to see how development is shaping up.

Radiation City
Radiation City
Developer: Atypical Games
Price: $4.99