Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra have been making Android mini collectibles for a long time. We've had hot dog bugdroids, panda bugdroids, and even Nexus bugdroids. Tomorrow, there's a new special edition Android mini launching in celebration of Oktoberfest. It's an Android drinking beer, which makes sense. You can even get a mug with your Android so you can have some beer, too.

The Oktoberfest Android has lederhosen, a jaunty little hat, and a tiny mug of beer. It's rare to get two accessories with one of these figurines. The Android mini is $12, which is $2 more than the watermelon mini from a few months ago, but that guy didn't have any accessories.

There's also a matching Oktoberfest mug (human-sized) available alongside the figurine. The mug is $15 on its own or $12 bundled with the Android. Dead Zebra will even throw in the extra "e" typo on the box for free. Generous. Both products go on sale tomorrow (September 27th) at 11AM EDT. Supplies are limited, so don't delay.