Do you remember the NEXT Live EMEA 2017 G Suite product roadmap talk where we discovered a small line of text telling us Calendar would get a new web interface in Q4 2017? As it turns out, there's more to that presentation, but we're so perpetually busy here that we couldn't check out the video in its entirety. If we did, we would have spotted something else, just as interesting.

At about 31" into the video, we get introduced to several new features that the G Suite team is working on implementing in Gmail: smart reply, smart groupings, and snooze. We've already seen Smart Reply go live in the Android app, though I don't think it's there on the web (please correct me if I'm wrong). As for smart groupings and snooze, they've been two staple features of Inbox so far, but we haven't seen them for G Suite and Gmail before. (Note: snoozing is live in the Gmail Android app, but only for Exchange accounts.)

From the one screenshot we see, we can tell that snoozing will support several options: later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, someday, along with options to pick a specific date & time, or a place. That should be handy if you want to snooze your booking email until you get to the hotel for example. And smart groupings seem to be similar to Inbox, in putting together related emails, such as the ones for trips.

The one other thing you might notice from this screenshot is an entire new look for Gmail on the web. Gone are the big buttons with grey backgrounds and in place we have a cleaner toolbar and bigger colorful icons for the labels in the side bar.

If you're interested in hearing everything that was said about these features, I've queued the presentation to the very start of that segment below.

As a staunch Gmail user who just couldn't get along with Inbox (automatic filters are a lifesaver to manage Android Police's crazy inbox), I am quite excited to see snooze and smart groups make it into my favorite email app. These are the two things I always wish Gmail has each time someone mentions Inbox and I'm pumped to see that they won't always be exclusive to the latter.

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