We're putting USB Type-C connectors on everything these days: phones, tablets, laptops, accessories - you name it. The latest USB-C product on the market comes in the form of the YubiKey 4C Nano, an astonishingly tiny authentication key that retails for $60. If you've got a laptop with a USB-C port and like to have additional security, this is absolutely worth taking a look at.

Yubico already sells a USB-C-equipped key called the YubiKey 4C, but it's enormous compared to the new Nano, and it doesn't look like it'd be particularly practical to carry around on something like a laptop. The Nano, however, can easily be left sitting in a port on your MacBook (or whatever USB-C laptop you have). It'll be virtually invisible once it's installed.

In case you've forgotten, YubiKeys are a way of securing your accounts via two-factor authentication. Companies like Google, Facebook, salesforce, Dropbox, and GitHub all support these keys, and they're an easy way to add an extra layer of security.

If you've got a USB-C port on your laptop, you can purchase a YubiKey 4C for $60 from Yubico's website in the source link below. And if you don't, there's also a standard YubiKey 4 Nano that is pretty small and uses a standard USB port.