There are times when Google completely baffles us by adding a feature that we didn't even remotely think could be possible, or needed, or useful. Like now for example, there's a new Search bar when you visit the list of Assistant actions. How groundbreaking!

Whether you check the list by tapping the blue icon on the top right after launching Assistant, or by browsing in the Google Home app, you can see a new search bar on top. That lets you search through all the possible Assistant integrations, from first-party ones like Hue and SmartThings and Honeywell, to third-party services like, Logitech, Roomba, and more trivial things such as Number Genie, Knock Knock Who, and others. A search icon also shows up on the top right when you're browsing different Assistant categories, so it's always easy to look for something specific.

The search bar is visible from the Assistant (left) or the Home app (right).

Finding what you're looking for is now much, much simpler than scrolling through a long list like we had before or swiping through the card interface that we have now. It also improves discoverability. Search for "light" and you have all the potential services that can control your lights, or "alarm," or "sport," or "recipe," and you have a list of options to explore.

Once you find a service you like, you can either try it if it doesn't require an account or link your account to get started if it does, as usual. The search bar just makes discoverability so much better.

The search bar and icon are showing up on all our devices with Assistant, so this appears to be live for everyone now, though it could have started showing up earlier for some users.

  • Thanks:
  • Kavan Trivedi