It's common for device makers to tweak the performance of a phone's camera after release, but it usually requires a full software update. However, last year Motorola used an app in the Play Store to make changes to the Moto G4's camera. It looks like the company is taking a similar approach to managing the camera on its upcoming Moto X4. A tuning app for that phone is live right now ahead of the phone's official launch.

This app doesn't do anything for you unless you have a Moto X4, and no one does yet. When someone does have the phone, there won't be any interface for this app. The screenshots in the Play Store simply have the system settings page and a placeholder image. According to the listing, this module will be used to improve "color, contrast, picture noise, video noise, and sharpness."

The Moto X4 has a dual-camera setup, but it's a different one than we saw in the Z2 Force. Instead of a secondary monochrome sensor, the X4 has an 8MP wide-angle camera. That will probably require special software tweaks that can be delivered by the tuning app. Interestingly, Motorola's more expensive phones don't have tuning modules in the Play Store. So, all those changes have to be made via OTA updates.