Hyundai has been pushing the tech envelope when it comes to its new luxury brand Genesis. The company recently rolled out support for Google Assistant, but now you can even arrange for a test drive from the convenience of the Genesis Valet app. There's no need to visit a dealership in person, and you can even arrange it for a time and place that's convenient to you, like your own home. It's a whole new level of luxury. 

Even Tesla doesn't roll out the red carpet like that. Each viewing is accompanied by a Genesis Valet, who is able to answer all your questions, give you the sales pitch, and guide you through the test drive.


All you need to do to schedule a showing is fill out a form in the app, select the car you want to drive, choose a location, pick time and date, and confirm. Unfortunately, it would appear that not all Genesis dealers are participating. I was only able to find a few areas in just a couple of major cities that were able to take reservations.

The full and witty changelog for the initial release of the app is just below.

Experience Genesis on the best terms possible. Yours.

I have to say, this level of personalized service sounds fantastic. We all lead busy lives, and fitting something like a test-drive into your day can be problematic, especially if you have to get across town to do it. Now customers looking into a Genesis can easily fit a test drive into their spare time.

Interested parties with the $42K-73K required to snag a Genesis can pull down the app over on Google Play.

Alternate title: In Soviet Russia, Genesis comes to you

Genesis Valet
Genesis Valet
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