Picture the scene: you're near your monthly data allowance and you want to check your usage to see what you should turn off to avoid some astronomical overuse charges. We've all been there. But imagine when you get there your settings app decides to give up the ghost, over and over again. That's been the situation for Artem the last couple of days, as you can see from the tweet below.

It's obviously an incredibly annoying problem, and a couple of others have replied on Twitter to say they're experiencing it, too. The issue was reported by someone at Xiaomi as long ago as March, as you can see from this Issue Tracker entry. According to the below tweet from Eddie Ringle, a fix was submitted to the master branch of AOSP but didn't make it into the Pixel XL's Oreo release branch, and that's the device on which Artem is experiencing the problem.

It seems that the problem is related to having too many internet-connected apps running at once, so it may be that most people don't trigger it. Other devices updated to Oreo may also be affected, but you would never know unless you try to access the Wi-Fi or data usage stats while meeting the other conditions, so hopefully not too many people will run into the bug.

If anyone else is experiencing the same issue, do let us know in the comments. We'll follow this one with interest to see if Google addresses it.