Nothing says 'the future' like asking your smart speaker to buy groceries for you. While the Google Home can't drive to the store itself, it can order them through Google Express. Google previously announced that it would partner with Walmart to offer easy voice shopping through Assistant, and now it's live.


Walmart items are now listed in Google Express, and you can connect your Google account to a Walmart account to easily reorder items. Unfortunately, free shipping is only available once your total reaches $35, but Google has done away with all membership fees for using the service. If you have a Google Home, you can use commands like "Reorder coffee from Walmart" and "Buy paper towels from Walmart" (once you allow your Home to make purchases).

In addition to ordering through the Google Home, you can also make purchases through the Google Express site or mobile app. You can download the Android app from the Play Store at the widget below.