Dear Android,

It’s been nine years already. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Froyo. But Oreo just came out, and we've even got two more Pixels on the way. After all these years, Android, you’ve never looked better. So much has changed since we first met. 

I was in the phone shop back in 2008, and from across the room, I saw you: the T-Mobile G1. That was it, the beginning. And you’ve grown so much, with the UI changes in ICS, and then again with Lolipop. I thought things could never get better. But then you introduced new background execution limits, notification channels, picture-in-picture, plus so much more.

We took things slow for a while. I knew we weren’t exclusive, you were still seeing other people, other OEMs. But then you slid that Nexus in my hand and everything changed. We knew we had to be together.

No relationship is perfect. I know you hate my frugality, my demands for increased battery life and smaller bezels. And you’ve changed, too, growing so controlling over the years with your security patches and SafetyNet, losing your adventurous side. I get it, we’re both growing up, things change. But I’ll still miss that freedom.

Sometimes I feel like we just need to communicate more. We used to Hangout, but now it’s just Allo, goodbye. We aren’t the Duo we once were. But we're trying.

It’s been nine whole years, and we're still going strong. Now we have the twins, our little Pixels, and another pair already on the way. Can you believe they’re due any day now? And isn't the 9th the leather anniversary😉

I guess what I’m trying to say, Android, is this:

Happy Anniversary.