Android Auto continues to arrive in more vehicles, this time in India via Tata Motors. According to Google, the 2017 Tata Nexon is now part of the growing repertoire of Auto-compatible... autos.

Being India's largest car manufacturer, Tata is an interesting case study from a business standpoint (I actually had to do one on this company) — and it makes some nice-looking vehicles to boot. Seeing such a large player in that part of the world with Android Auto is good news for the platform, even though it seems to have stagnated recently.

While it's outside of our wheelhouse here at AP (heh), the Nexon looks like a nice little SUV; it kind of gives off a Honda HR-V or Toyota RAV4 vibe. Anyway, if you live in India and are in the market for a car, and want in on the Android Auto action, here you go. I wonder if other Tata vehicles will get Android Auto support, and how many. We'll just have to see.