The Target app was updated a while ago to add Cartwheel support so you could benefit from your savings within the app without having a separate app for Cartwheel installed. Now Target is releasing a new beta app to test new features before they come to the stable app. They could have implemented an official beta program on the Play Store, but oh well... Maybe it's better this way since you can have both the stable and beta releases together in case the beta bugs out.

According to the changelog, the beta changes the wallet and integrates REDcard, Cartwheel, and Team Member discounts, while Target Mastercard support is coming soon. Those will combine at checkout so you only need to scan your barcode once and all discounts will be applied immediately. Neat.

What's New

Wallet combines REDcard Credit or Debit, Cartwheel, and your Team Member discount. (Target Mastercard support coming soon.) When you’re in the checklane, one scan of your Wallet barcode will instantly apply everything to your transaction – at both regular checkout and self checkout.

Target app barcode scanning (left) and Target beta app's new Wallet barcode scanning (right).

If you want to test out the new beta Target app, you can grab it from the Play Store link below. It's free and there's no harm in checking it out for the chance of getting more discounts.

It looks like Target has taken down the Beta app. It was previously showing up as "Unreleased," likely a sign that even the beta wasn't ready to be shared, but was still accessible to download. Now the Play Store page doesn't open anymore. We'll update this post when/if it becomes available again.

Target reached out to let us know that this beta app "was set up for select team members to use for testing purposes. It’s no longer active, and isn’t accessible to consumers."

Target - Beta (Unreleased)
Target - Beta (Unreleased)