Samsung's controversially received assistant, Bixby, has rolled out its voice command features in Korea and the US, but if you've been just dying to try out in other countries, you're now in luck. Samsung says that the voice commands are available in 200+ countries worldwide including the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and more.

You will still be limited to speaking in US English and Korean — tough luck if you wanted to use it in other languages — and you will need to own a Galaxy S8 or S8+ to have Bixby in the first place, but once those requirements are met, you just have to press and hold the Bixby button to activate the feature. However, according to multiple reports by SamMobile, you might need to clear the app's data to get it working otherwise it will seem to be unavailable yet. Once you're up and running, you can try these voice commands to get started.

Samsung says that this is one of many steps in its Bixby expansion and improvement, as it plans to bring it to more "countries, languages, devices, features, and third-party applications." I have to say I like the idea of Bixby and how it ties into apps, but I'm tired of learning new commands for every assistant out there and remembering which one can do what. I'm also not fond of the battle over the Bixby button's customization that's going between Samsung and some enterprising devs. But if Bixby continues on expanding, maybe it'll open Google's eyes to the necessity of providing APIs for more in-app controls in Android. That could be the multi-window story all over again: Samsung popularizes it, devs implement it, Google takes notice and appropriates it for all Android devices. Everyone benefits.

Although Bixby Voice had expanded to 200 countries, India wasn't on the list, but now it is. Samsung officially announced that Bixby Voice is now live in India, but as was previously the case, you'll still have to use US English.