Accidental Queens' A Normal Lost Phone was a unique game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person through their lost phone. Well, it would appear that the developer has released a new title that not only builds upon the first's strengths, but polishes them into a more cohesive experience. This new title is called Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, and you can pick it up today for $3.49.

Just like Accidental Queens' original Lost Phone title, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story will have you scrolling through a digital representation of someone's lost phone in order to link elements from the different applications, messages, and pictures to progress. By simply combining your findings from the phone you can uncover the mystery surrounding the owner's disappearance.

Not only does this style of gameplay help to build empathy with the characters, but it allows you a way to explore many difficult topics and social issues that affect a young adult in the digital age. Considering that this is the primary focus of the title you may want to spend a few moments contemplating whether or not this type of content is appealing to you before you make the purchase. Undoubtedly, many people play games as an escape, and Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is most definitely not the game to play if you don't enjoy exploring social issues steeped in the reality of our day-to-day lives.

Now don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the first title and plan on spending more time with this release as well. There is definitely a place in gaming for social critiques when done right, and in my opinion, it only broadens the choices we all have in the pursuit of enjoying our shared hobby.

If you had enjoyed A Normal Lost Phone, or it at least piqued your interest, then Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story should be an easy purchase. Not only is the gameplay more cohesive, but the overall presentation shows that the developer is listening to their users as they have created what is arguably the best experience in the genre yet. Really the only legit complaint I could see wagered against the game is the fact that it's mainly a linear experience that will not wield much replayability. Short of that one issue, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is, in my opinion, an experience worth the asking price.