Late last year, Google started showing like and dislike buttons on movie and TV shows' search results card. That allowed it to add its own ratings next to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. But it was only a percentage of likes based on how many people tapped the thumbs up or down icon, so it didn't provide any context or explanation to the rating, thus making users head elsewhere for a more detailed opinion.

Now it appears that Google is testing a more elaborate rating system with full reviews. You can still like/dislike the movie, but if you scroll down you might also spot a new "Audience reviews" section. You can type a full review there and submit it so it will show up for others when they look for the movie.

"Audience reviews" asks for your review (left, middle) and shows user-submitted reviews (right).

Just like user-voted tags on movies, this is still a server-side test and it's the first time we've been tipped about it (though it might have been showing for some users for a while). Let us know if you're seeing it and if so whether it shows up for TV shows and other kinds of media too (books, popular games, music albums, and so on).

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  • Simeon Elijah