When it comes to online automation platforms, IFTTT is the name most people know and trust. It's a little limited, though. We've covered Stringify a few times, citing it as a more powerful alternative that can plug into IFTTT. The company apparently caught the eye of Comcast recently, which just had to have it. So, Comcast owns Stringify now.

Stringify is similar to IFTTT in that you can connect smart home devices and online services with triggers and actions. However, you can have multiple conditions on either end of that equation. It's a bit more complex, but it's highly capable if you get everything set up correctly. Stringify notes that Comcast is a good fit— it already has IoT and automation services, which the Stringify team will be able to augment.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but buying a startup like Stringify is nothing to Comcast. What this means in the future is unclear, but Comcast does have access to your Stringify data now. Stringify says it will continue evolving the service with the help of Comcast's money. Your decision to use it or not will likely reflect your feelings about Comcast.

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  • Allen Robberson