Android Pay continues its expansion into small banks and credit unions across the United States and today brings us 24 additions. At this point, given the long list of banks supported, I'm starting to doubt that there's a bank for every 10 persons in the US. But then again, The World Bank says there are a little over 32 bank branches per 100K adults in the US. That's branches, so banks should be a lower figure. (Oh the things we search for when writing dull articles here...)

So if you were still waiting on your local bank or union to get Pay support, I wish you luck in finding it when browsing the list of additions below:

  1. Bank of Idaho
  2. Beehive Federal Credit Union
  3. Citizens Bank (WI)
  4. Community National Bank & Trust of Texas
  5. Duke University FCU
  6. First Community Bank (TX)
  7. Great Plains Bank
  8. Guaranty Bank & Trust Company of Delhi
  9. Gulf Winds FCU
  10. Mascoma Savings Bank
  11. Meadows Bank
  12. Meriwest Credit Union
  13. Nascoga Federal Credit Union
  14. One Bank & Trust, N.A.
  15. Pen Air FCU
  16. Security Federal Bank
  17. Texas Brand Bank
  18. The Bryn Mawr Trust Co.
  19. The State Bank and Trust Company
  20. TrueCore FCU
  21. Wauna FCU
  22. West-Aircomm FCU
  23. Westmoreland Community FCU
  24. Xplore Federal Credit Union

And if you live in another country where Android Pay isn't available yet, you know the comment section below is for you to vent your frustration. At the rate Google is going (30 every few weeks, give or take) and given the total number of banks in the US (>5800) and the number already supported (996), we'll probably have 160 articles like these until every bank is covered. (See, fun stats make dull articles so much better!) That's 160 comment sections where we can share our disappointment over Pay not being live in country X. You're welcome, folks.