Tesla is still ramping up production for its affordable new Model 3, and the waiting list is already over a year long. But for the lucky few that manage to snag one, the Tesla Motors app for Android was just updated to add support for the new car. 

For the uninitiated, the app allows owners to access controls and stats for their Tesla cars or Powerwalls. You can see charging status, set climate controls, remotely lock and unlock, and locate the car, among a laundry list of other features. The coolest is the ability to "summon" your car from your garage or parking space via Autopilot. And now anyone with a Model 3 can use Tesla's app-wizardry.

The full changelog, in all its enormity, is below:


Supports Model 3

You can download the latest update at Google Play, or over on APK Mirror. Now all that's left is to talk Artem into letting me do a review. Wish me luck.

Developer: Tesla, Inc.
Price: Free