I know it might sound ridiculous, but I sometimes find myself yearning for a way to move my two Google Homes around. I have one in the hallway that sits at the junction between the kitchen and living room, thus servicing both areas, but I do wish I could bring it to the kitchen from time to time when I'm on a cooking bender. At IFA, we saw upcoming portable speakers with Google Assistant built-in, but what if I already bought a Google Home and don't feel the need to buy another speaker? Ninety7's new LOFT aims to answer that question.

This portable battery replaces the base on your Google Home, allowing you to use it tethered (with Google Home's existing power adapter) or cordless thanks to its 8 hours of battery life. It weighs 400g (14.1 ounces) and attaches magnetically to the Google Home so it should technically be a seamless transition from your current base. You simply unhook it from power and move your Google Home to another room when needed, then bring it back when you're done or the battery runs out.

LOFT comes in 3 different colors: Carbon, Snow, and Copper. It has 4 LEDs on the front to show how much battery is still left and a premium metal perforated sleeve that should keep the same look you're used to with Google Home without hindering the sound's quality.

When it ships, LOFT will retail for $49.95 but you can pre-order it now for a more reasonable $39.95. The carbon color pre-orders will ship around mid-October while the snow and copper will ship later in the month. Now my dilemma is: should I grab this or do I buy another portable standalone Assistant speaker? Hm, decisions.