After being announced at IFA at the end of last month, LG's newest and hottest flagship is finally making its way to markets around the world. As always, LG is starting the release of the V30 in its home turf of South Korea but is promising that it will come to North America, Europe, and other markets "in the days and weeks to come."

That's vague, sure, but it's the same refrain we hear with each LG device release. If you were expecting more exact dates and price details, you'll have to wait. All we know is that the phone will come to the big four in the US sometime in the fall, which technically starts tomorrow on September 21.

To tide you over until you can throw money at LG for its really hot phone, you can check David's first impressions. The man isn't easy to impress — that's an understatement, if there ever was any — but he did say in his own words he was "pretty impressed" and that it was "LG's most cohesive smartphone in years." That sure makes me want to try one.