It has been a little over a month since Mistwalker Corporation's tile-based tactical role-playing game Terra Battle2 went up on the Play Store for pre-registration. Well, it would appear that it has finally been officially released as you can now download the game straight to your device. Sadly there's one caveat, the servers are not up and running yet. They are set to go live at 11:00 PM PST, which is still quite a few hours away.

For those unfamiliar with Mistwalker Corporation or Terra Battle, it's worth pointing out that this studio and game series is the brainchild of Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series. While there is no doubt that their first game was a success, it's still unknown if there's still room in the market for yet another tactical role-playing gacha game.

If you do decide to pre-download the title, you'll be greeted with the above screen once you open it up. While I was at first bummed that I couldn't jump right in, I have to admit that it's a nice touch on the developers part to actually inform us as to what time we can expect the servers to go live.

Oh, and if you were hoping to squeak by and pre-register in these last few hours for some sweet in-game bonuses, well, I have some bad news. It would appear that the pre-registration window has closed as of 8:00 PM PST on Sept. 19th.

Something else to keep in mind is that just like the original Terra Battle, this sequel is free-to-play. That, of course, means you can expect in-app purchases that range from $0.99 - $79.99, which are slightly higher than the first title. Luckily the developers have retained their exclusion of any advertisements, which is nice to see.

So sure, I suppose it's not a huge deal that we need to wait a few more hours before we can all start playing around with the game. Though, in consideration of the more impatient, I have linked Mistwalker Corporation's newest trailer right above. Luckily the last minute and a half of this video finally shows off exactly what Terra Battle2 looks like in action. This way we can at least glean a few hints as to what can be expected out of the updated content currently locked within.

Terra Battle 2
Terra Battle 2
Price: Free+