You wouldn't know it, but you probably only use a small fraction of all the apps that Google has released for Android. Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Maps, Photos, these are only a sliver of Google's portfolio, which is now growing with the addition of one new app: Home service ads.

Like the name suggests, Home service ads is aimed at home professionals, like cleaners, locksmiths, plumbers, painters, and various repair and building businesses. It's under the AdWords Express umbrella and helps handymen and companies get listed and found through a Google search, but also lets them manage communications, quotes, and scheduling with their customers, while also receiving reviews for their work. Now the service has a standalone Android app that lets these professionals do it all from their smartphone.


You'll have to be part of the pilot program (which is only open in select cities in the US) to be able to use Home service ads, so the appeal and market is even more limited for it. Still, I would love to have this kind of service in Lebanon. Finding a good, honest, affordable home repair business is kind of an impossible task and this approach looks like it could make it less painful and more curated.

Local Services ads by Google
Local Services ads by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free