Your emails are about to get a little more actionable thanks to a new feature rolling out to Gmail and Inbox. In the coming days, emails will begin automatically highlighting addresses, phone numbers, and contacts with links. You don't have to do anything other than sit back and wait for the change to take effect.

As you might expect, clicking/tapping on an address will open Google Maps to that location. Contacts and email addresses should open a new email using your default email application (probably Gmail or Inbox). Phone numbers will launch the dialer on mobile devices. Google doesn't specify what the phone number will do on a desktop—possibly launch the Hangouts dialer?

Gmail and Inbox don't need any special information to hyperlink content in emails. Google's computers can identify objects in photos, so picking out an address or phone number shouldn't be that much of a challenge. This feature is coming to all G Suite editions, so everyone will have it. Google expects the full rollout to be complete in a few days.