Back in July, Google published its Motion Stills app on the Play Store, which had previously only been available for iOS. It's essentially a GIF camera, but the app stabilizes the video while you're recording. You can record for a few seconds, or use the fast-forward mode to speed up and stabilize longer videos. The Android app just got its first update, with a few useful enhancements.

This update adds two new buttons to the Edit screen. The first is a loop button, which loops your clips back and forth. You can see the effect below.


Left: Looping effect off; Right: Looping effect on

The second button is a Delete button, which does exactly what you think it does. Before, the only way to delete previous recordings was to swipe left on the main screen. That's pretty much everything in this update. You can download it from the Play Store below, or grab it on APKMirror.

Motion Stills
Motion Stills
Developer: Research at Google
Price: Free