So, you just spent north of $900 to pick up a Note8. That's a good chunk of change. The next step for most would be making efforts to protect that investment. No one wants to break a thousand dollar phone on its first day out of the box. That's where Spigen's new Hybrid Armor case for the Note8 comes in.

Spigen's case is slim and light, increasing the thickness of your Note8 by a mere 0.1", while still providing incredible drop protection and durability. It has a unique dual-layer construction, which sandwiches poly-carbonate and TPU together and gives you the best of both materials. With your Note8 nestled securely inside the composite case, you won't have to worry quite so much about the safety of that beautiful 1,200nit edge-to-edge display.


The raised edges on the rear corners and the display better protect the delicate glass of the screen than other cases. Spigen's Air Cushion Technology™ in each corner also disperses shock, doing more to protect your phone than hard plastic or pure TPU cases might.

Protection doesn't have to come at the cost of design, either. The Hybrid Armor case still gives you tactile feedback for your phone's buttons in an attractive and ergonomic design. That dual-layer construction doesn't just protect your phone better — especially around the camera — it's also a textural accent, subtly complimenting the triangular pattern across the back.


The best part? This case won't break the bank. The Note8 retails for $900+, but there's no need to drop a ton of cash to protect your phone. You can pick up Spigen's Hybrid Armor case for the Note8 for just $14.99. Right now the black case is available, but you'll later be able to pick it up in gunmetal gray, pink, and deep blue, too.

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